Hedge Cutting Camberley

Hedge Cutting & Maintenance for Clients Commercial & Domestic.

Our experienced tree surgeons are well-equipped and trained to take on the most challenging hedge trimming or hedge maintenance jobs.

We’ve helped countless commercial and domestic property owners with hedge trimming and advise on the best care and routine maintenance afterwards. Even though we can arrange on/off visits, we recommend at least bi-annual hedge maintenance to make your hedges stand out beautifully.

Our tree surgeons have in-depth knowledge of the appropriate trimming and pruning techniques to make your hedges and shrubs shine. It’s not uncommon for home and commercial property owners to attempt hedge trimming on their own, but this isn’t always practical, mainly where they must work at height.

We can tackle the tallest of hedges owing to the commercial-level tripod ladders, rope and harness, cherry pickers and telescopic pruning tools that we have in our arsenal.
Whether it’s topping, trimming, removal or even replanting, our hedge trimming experts can help.

Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a free onsite consultation and a written quote for your hedge-cutting requirements.