Stump Grinding Camberley

Do you require Stump Grinding in Camberley?

Following a successful tree felling, you’re inevitably left with a stump. With that in mind, you have two options, you could leave it to decay naturally, or you can have it removed through specialised equipment and tools. This is important when you want to maintain your property’s aesthetics or use the area for work.

At Camberley Tree Surgeons, we have removed hundreds to thousands of stumps across Camberley. Stump grinding can be a dangerous job – however, our team of tree surgeons are all trained and insured, and possess many years of experience with stump grinding. They also use specialised protective gear and are covered up to £10m in public and employee liability insurance.

Owing to our expertise, team, and cutting-edge stump removal equipment, we can remove stumps in practically any location. We typically use a large tracked machine for large stumps where access is good. If it isn’t, then we use the handheld Alpine Magnum which can be carried through doorways with ease and even used against stumps on an inclined slope.

We can grind the tree stump buttress between 15cm and 30cm. Lateral root removal in the surrounding area is a separate task which must be agreed to beforehand.
With our tree surgeons, you’ll never have to worry about stump removal impacting your daily routine or your surroundings.

Camberley Tree Surgeons offer stump removal and stump grinding in Camberley and Surrey wide. Contact one of the team today and we’ll happily provide you with a free consultation and written quotation.