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When ‘Extreme Pruning’ is required

At times, heavy pruning is required to promote a denser head of foliage and branches. Tree pollarding is common in urban areas where trees must be maintained at a reasonable height to promote better light in nearby areas.

Any extreme or severe form of pruning can be stressful for the tree, which is why it is suitable for specific types only such as Limes, Horse Chestnuts and London Plane trees. Still, no two trees within the same species are alike, and our expert Camberley arborists will assess each tree’s suitability individually.

Once the tree pollarding process has been carried out, it must be repeated every 3-5 years; otherwise, the tree might fail.

Camberley Tree Surgeons qualified and insured local tree surgeons are very well versed in the art of pollarding trees, so if your trees are suitable we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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