Tree Removal Camberley

Why Tree Felling or Tree Removal is needed?

A tree may sometimes need felling or complete removal due to many reasons. Among the most common ones include when it poses a safety hazard or when it is generally in an unsuitable location. However, tree felling may also be needed if a tree is diseased as it can affect surrounding trees. At Camberley Tree Surgeons, we have vast experience felling trees in all kinds of challenging, tight or otherwise awkward spaces.

The Different Ways of Tree Felling

Generally, there are two ways of tree removal – the more common one being Sectional Felling and the less common one being Straight Felling.

Sectional Tree Felling

Also known as Sectioning, this is where a tree is dismantled in sections. Our team possesses the technical skills along with ropes and rigging techniques to masterfully climb the tree and bring each piece down under control. Sectioning is useful in confined urban areas where any risk of damage could prove costly. It’s more time-consuming than straight felling but minimises any potential damage to property.

Straight Tree Felling

Also known as directional tree felling, this is where a tree is cut at the base and allowed to ‘naturally’ fall in one block. Our team incorporates a variety of techniques and tools to control the direction of the fall. This method is ideal for small-medium trees, where a whole lot of space isn’t required and where the risk of property damage is minimal. For larger trees, however, this method is rarely used in built-up areas because it demands too much space, and thus, we believe the risk is just too high.

From a small fruit tree in your backyard to a towering pine in the forest, our Camberley arborists have vast tree felling skills and experience to safely remove any kind of tree.

Have any kind of tree removed in a safe and controlled manner today! After the tree felling process, our stump grinding team will dispose of the remains in an efficient and environment-friendly manner.

So if you need a tree felling or removed completely, contact one of our team members today, and we’ll arrange for a site visit so that an accurate, no-obligation quote can be provided.