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Ivy Removal to Prevent Damage to Property & Trees

If left unmanaged ivy and climbing plants can become a real pest, potentially damaging property, most commonly around guttering, windows and doors.

Your brickwork is also at risk, ivy and creeper will not cause any significant damage. However, ivy will penetrate any cracks, faults or cavities, leading to further deterioration. The vine will, in essence, make its way into any weakness the mortar and brickwork may have, and widen it, which may lead to more significant structural faults.

Generally speaking, ivy rarely damages trees, but if the tree has weakened from insect infection or fungus, it may be a risk of falling due to the added weight of the ivy or creeper. In sporadic cases, climber, creeper or ivy has been known to cause a tree to die through “choking”.

Camberley Tree Surgeons has tried and tested methods in the management and removal of ivy in Camberley and the local surrounding areas. We also have specialised equipment such as cherry pickers (MEWPS), climbing equipment and tripod ladders to make the process of removing the ivy as safe and straightforward as possible.

Contact us today before ivy takes hold and causes any significant damage to your property of trees.